Dragon 3D is a Polish producer of 3D printers.   The company was founded thanks to the efforts and hard work of several Polish engineers. We are based in Blonie .

We take pride in the fact that we offer products MADE IN POLAND.


We produce, design and construct our printers and we build them from scratch. In order to do so, we use our very own, licensed, innovative solutions.  This gives us confidence that the product we provide you with is checked and fully reliable. Not to mention that our printers come with a long-term warranty valid for a number of years.


You don’t need to be an expert in 3D printing or a graphic designer. You don’t need to know what tampo/sito print is or how to use CAD.  If you want to learn, we can provide the relevant training and teach you how to use our 3D printers to design, create models and print objects. We can also offer technical support over the phone.


Tower is a new line of 3D printers- with improved Safety & Control System

  • Well-designed and reliable 3D printer
  • With 700 mm x 500 mm x 1 200 mm build area
  • Once calibrated is capable of producing high quality prints consistently and at a high speed

Tower is equipped with a changeable extruder and can print with a wide range of materials including ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon, Flex, Polystyrene, Laywood and experimental materials.

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PRINT WHATever, However and whenever YOU WANT!

The only limit to your impact is your imagination!


At Dragon 3D, we design and produce high quality, licensed 3D printers using our very own innovative solutions.

We are currently based near Warsaw in Błonie, Poland.

We take pride in the fact that our products are made in Poland, where we select only the best, verified component parts and solid construction methods that define excellent Polish quality we offer.

The company was founded between 2013 – 2014 thanks to the efforts of the Polish engineers who were passionate about the 3D technology and how it could change the world we live in.

At the end of 2013 our attention shifted toward 3D printing, to what was, the new technology at the time. Having bought our first basic 3D printer, we realised the quality of printouts left a lot to wish for. However, since the concept of printing out three-dimensional objects seemed utterly fascinating, we decided to take up the challenge and we began working to construct our own 3D printer.

In March 2014, we introduced our ‘first child’ to the world – rho 1.0. A small desktop printer – suitable for an office desk and to print highly detailed objects. It’s ideal for architects as well as scholl and university students.

Meanwhile the market kept growing and so did consumer awareness, thereby increasing expectations of what our printers could and should do.

Therefore, we showed our quick response to customers’ demand and needs by producing a new series of printers DRAGON 450, 500, 600 and 700 with personalised working area, which appeared at the end of 2014.

Finally, in 2016, we ceased production of 3D printers DRAGON, only to replace them with a new series of TOWER printers. The TOWER model is extremely reliable and offers a much bigger working area with even better, more durable structure including the new profiles and improved drive. We are most pleased with our latest product, which stands out due to its efficiency and ability to print meticulously precise objects. It’s able to print continuously, without any breaks, for a number of hours.


    As engineers, we like to live in our ‘techy bubble’ but we also understand the needs of ‘normal’ people. While we are here to assist you and offer all the training you need at the start, we also want to support you going forward – even when your warranty runs out.
    We are always available to help – this is the biggest advantage of choosing to buy our printers.


    DRAGON 3D printers are a result of our passion and fascination with new technologies. Having started our adventure with 3D printing, we soon realised that both its potential and scale of possibilities, in terms of use, are immense. These can be limited only by human imagination. This is why we want to give you the best and most reliable tool to develop your very own ideas that 3D printing can help to bring to live!

    The rest is your choice – it’s up to you what you are going to do with it!


    Free your imagination and unlock your ideas  to design and create! We will teach you how to use our software to put together 3D projects and we will show you where to find ready projects descriptions available online. We will also put you in touch with the community of 3D enthusiasts, ready to share their experiences and advice.

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